Choose from a list of prenatal fitness options in Durham Region including prenatal yoga.

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Port Perry Flowyoga Studio

Yoga Classes  |  Pre-Natal Yoga  |  Nutrition   |  Counselling  |  Teacher Training

In this nurturing environment you will find a beautiful, peaceful place within yourself that you didn’t know existed. You will be guided and encouraged to move through life from that place which will make everything you experience brighter, richer and fuller. Join and learn a practice that will transform you into the best version of yourself.

183 Casimir Street, Unit 2, Port Perry, Ontario  L9L 1B7  |  MAP
Phone: 905.441.7874

Services Offered:  Flow Yoga 1 & 2  |  Gentle Yoga  |  Hatha Yoga  |  Vinyasa Yoga

Radiant Joy Yoga

Yoga  |  Pilates  |  Series classes  |  Beginners, Teen and Prenatal Classes  |  Reiki  |  Thai Yoga Massage

Welcome to Radiant Joy Yoga. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming space where all members of our community can grow through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our team of qualified, knowledgable and compassionate teachers will assist you in finding a practice that is right for you. Your practice will be your gift to yourself.

12 Douglas Road, Uxbridge, Ontario  L9P 1S9  |  MAP
Phone:  905.852.6600

Services Offered:  Power Hour Yoga  |  Prenatal Yoga  |  Gentle Yoga  |  Yoga for Sports  |  Yoga Foundations  |  Pilates

Breath of Light Yoga Ltd.

Yoga  |  Prenatal Yoga  |  Creative Kids Classes  |  Summer Camps

Breath of Light Yoga is committed to providing our clientele with specialized yoga classes that address the physical, emotional, as well as spiritual needs of all our participants. Each class is specifically designed to provide students with the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction that is both supportive and informative.

388 Fleetwood Drive, Oshawa, Ontario  L1K 1C3  |  MAP
Phone: 905.433.4060

Services Offered:  Hatha Yoga  |  Beginner Yoga   |  Restorative Chakra Flow  |  Mediation and Breathing Circle