Custom Built Homes in Durham Region


Choose from the list of contractors who supply custom built homes in Durham Region.

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Downsizing & Transitions in Durham Region


Choose from a list of companies offering downsizing. Services include transitions to smaller homes, packing, and consignments.

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Self Storage Units in Durham Region


Choose from a list of self storage units for business or personal storage, indoor or outdoor, including unit sizes.

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Packing Services & Supplies in Durham Region


Packing Services & Supplies Choose from a list of packing services & supplies in Durham Region. Related:  Storage Your Moving Depot Moving Supplies & Rentals Take the stress out of moving by using the proper packing supplies! Your Moving depot offers a wide range of products including boxes, packing paper, and bubble [...]

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Home Staging in Durham Region


Choose from a list of home staging companies for ideas on re-arranging and de-cluttering to make your home more appealing to buyers.

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Home Inspection in Durham Region


Home Inspection Choose from a list of home inspection companies in Durham Region including inspections of roof, structure, foundations, heating, water heater, insulation, ventilation, exterior, electrical, plumbing, and interior. Related:  Home Renovation Contractors Cornerstone Home Inspections Home Inspection Mark Wildman, the owner/operator of Cornerstone, brings over 20 years of experience in home [...]

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