Exotic Pets in Durham Region


Exotic Pets Information about exotic pet stores offering exotic pets including reptiles, hedgehogs, amphibians, and ferrets, habitats, and food, live food, and frozen food. Related:  Pet Supplies

Exotic Pets in Durham Region2017-09-02T09:22:59+00:00

Doggie Daycare in Durham Region


Compare detailed information about doggie daycare services in Durham Region. Services include outdoor, fenced areas, some companies offer grooming & walks

Doggie Daycare in Durham Region2017-09-06T23:34:46+00:00

Animal Hospitals & Vets in Durham Region


Choose from a list of animal hospitals & vets offering small, avian, & exotic animal medicine & surgery, dentistry, and animal health and wellness.

Animal Hospitals & Vets in Durham Region2017-09-08T09:16:33+00:00

Tack Shops in Durham Region


Tack Shops Compare detailed information about tack shops in Durham Region. Related:  Horse Riding Lessons & Stables

Tack Shops in Durham Region2019-12-15T14:34:56+00:00

Specialty Pet Care Services in Durham Region


Compare detailed information about specialty pet care services including chiropractic, poop & scoop, canine massage, and pet psychology.

Specialty Pet Care Services in Durham Region2017-09-08T09:18:10+00:00

Pet Taxi in Durham Region


Compare detailed information about pet taxi services.

Pet Taxi in Durham Region2017-09-08T09:19:52+00:00

Dog Training in Durham Region


Choose from a list of dog training & classes in Durham Region offering obedience training in group and private format, behaviour and aggression consultations and dog bite prevention education.

Dog Training in Durham Region2017-09-08T09:20:45+00:00

Pet Grooming in Durham Region


Choose from a list of companies offering pet grooming including information about full service dog and cat grooming, jacuzzi spa treatments, pet run treadmill.

Pet Grooming in Durham Region2017-09-08T09:23:15+00:00
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