Custom Built Homes in Durham Region


Choose from the list of contractors who supply custom built homes in Durham Region.

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Home Renovations in Durham Region


Home Renovations Choose from a list of contractors who offer home renovations and additions in Durham Region including additions, bathrooms, redesign, and remodelling. Related:  Basement Renos  ♦  New Home Builders The Renovators of Canada Home Renovations The Renovators of Canada Durham specializes in all interior renovations - including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, [...]

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Electricians in Durham Region


Electricians in Durham Region Compare detailed information about  commercial, residential, industrial, and marine electricians in Durham Region. Find service by licensed, bonded and insured, professional electrical contractors. Related:  Hardware Stores Vickery Electric Electricians Established in 1939, Vickery is a leader in the industry. Vickery Electric can handle all of your electrical needs, [...]

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Carpenters in Durham Region


Carpentry Services Choose from a list of carpentry services and cabinet makers in Durham Region. Carpentry services include custom cabinetry, wall units, vanities, bars, libraries, ceiling details, wainscoting, crown moulding, and fireplace mantels. Related:  Home Renovations  ♦  Kitchen & Bath Hodder Carpentry Windows & Doors  |  Trim-work  |  Carpentry Services Our 20 years of carpentry services, cabinetmaking and home building [...]

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Basement Renovations in Durham Region


Basement Renovations Compare detailed information about Basement Renovations in Durham Region. Related:  Drywall & Plaster  ♦  Home Renovation AGGroup Home Renovations  |  Basement Renovations  |  Kitchen & Bath  |  Exteriors & Decks  |  Fireplace Installation  |  Drywall  |  Trim AGGroup offers a variety of home renovation options, from kitchen and bath [...]

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Energy Conservation in Durham Region


Energy Conservation Compare detailed information about eneergy conservation consultants ind Durham Region. These consultants provide a report which prioritizes recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of your home. Related:  Heating & A/C  ♦  Windows & Doors Home NRG Savers - Energuide Energy Conservation Consultants Have Home NRG Savers Inc. perform a home [...]

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Architects in Durham Region


Architects Compare detailed information about architects in Durham Region. Services for community architecture, school & daycares, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional. Related:  Renovation Contractors  ♦  Interior Design Gadzovski Architect Architects Founded by licensed architect Toni Gadzovski, the firm Gadzovski Architect is a full service architectural practice, with over 20 years of [...]

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Self Storage Units in Durham Region


Choose from a list of self storage units for business or personal storage, indoor or outdoor, including unit sizes.

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Packing Services & Supplies in Durham Region


Packing Services & Supplies Choose from a list of packing services & supplies in Durham Region. Related:  Storage Your Moving Depot Moving Supplies & Rentals Take the stress out of moving by using the proper packing supplies! Your Moving depot offers a wide range of products including boxes, packing paper, and bubble [...]

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