Jazz Bars in Durham Region


Jazz Bars Discover information about jazz bars in Durham Region. Related:  Bars, Lounges, Night Clubs, Rooftop Patios

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General Interest Venues in Durham Region


General Interest Venues Compare detailed information about general interest venues in Durham Region. Information includes locations and highlights of the venue. Related:  Attractions  ♦  Galleries  ♦  Museums Parkwood Estates Museum | General Interest Venue | Wedding Ceremonies | Event Venue | Photographic Location | Tea House The beauty and history of Parkwood provide [...]

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Visual Arts in Durham Region


Information about visual arts centres in Durham Region. Includes information for artists, art groups and art lovers.

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Theatre and Performances in Durham Region


Choose from a list of theatre and artistic performances including entertainment, theatre rentals, performers, and history.

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Photographers in Durham Region


Choose from a list of photographers including wedding and engagement photographers. commercial, product, portraits, sports, events.

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Night Clubs in Durham Region


Compare detailed information about night clubs in Durham Region.

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Musicians & Bands in Durham Region


Choose from a list of musicians and bands in Durham Region for hire and entertainment including rock, pop, blues, baroque, classical, folk, choral, and choirs.

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Music Lessons in Durham Region


Choose from a list of music lessons in Durham Region. Read detailed information about lessons in piano, kindermusik, guitar, drums, Percussion, trumpet, vocals, theory, flute, band, Bass, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele.

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Museums and History in Durham Region


Choose from a list containting detailed information about museums and history in Durham Region including classification of history, features, and venue information.

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